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Tom (TJ) Jones, PCCC, CPT


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Does Your Work Make You Happy?

Do You Yearn for a More Successful and
Satisfying Career?

Career Planning is essential for growth and success. Whether you are changing careers or just growing your current career, without a plan...... a career is just a job.

I believe that everyone has that "something" inside them that yeans for a satisfying and successful work life... Most people do not find it!. But because it's in you, as it is in everyone, all you really need are some tools to help you bring it out.

That's what we do at Career Planning University. We give you the self-help tools to discover, explore, evaluate and define your career plan so you can find success and happiness at work.

Wouldn't it be great to find a place
where you could just.....  Place an order


Think about that for a minute...  Kind of like your favorite restaurant.  You set down, look over the menu and PLACE AN ORDER for your favorite meal.  Wouldn't that be great if it was like that for careers?  Do you even know what you'd pick from that menu?  Not what you've already done, but what you'd LOVE to do...  Where your career passion lies... that's your ideal career.

When we ask people what their ideal career is... many couldn't define it clearly.  We researched the problem and to our amazement, only 10% of those we asked had a formalized career plan.  And that's when we found the primary problem for career and job unhappiness.  People are not doing what they love because they haven't planned it to happen that way.  They are moving from job to job, business opportunity after business opportunity and still asking

"Why can't I be happy and successful at the
same time?"

The exciting thing is that you can be both Happy and Successful... if you have an effective career plan in place to help guide you to that ideal career or business.

Planning an effecting career isn't just searching for a job.  That's what 90% of people do... and yet people are still unhappy in most jobs.

Solutions Grid
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Do you have a formalized, written career plan with short, mid and long term goals already identified?
Yes No
Are you the type that feels empty inside when you get up to go to work? Do you feel like something is missing in your work life but you can't figure out what it is? You don't know exactly what your career passion is or even how to discover it?
Yes No

Do you feel stressed at work? Do you need some inspiration? Do you need something to help you deal with the daily challenges of the workplace? You don't want to change... you just want to learn how to overcome those challenges and to be happier at work.

Yes No
You know what you want to do... you're committed to it and want to learn how to get that new job or new position the most effective way possible.
Yes No
You enjoy the company you work for, but you haven't quite figured out why you don't feel successful? You don't want to change.. you just want a better perspective on what success is all about.
Yes No

Or are you like most, doing something you don't love and just hoping you'll finally get the "break" that will change your life?  Break out of that trap and start developing a career plan of a lifetime.  Change your life, by changing your plans!

6 Tools For Building the Career You Love

A career planning process is really about defining your goals, values and life purpose through a process of organized and systematic steps to first, identify what you love and what you hate to do in the work-world.  And then to learn how to invigorate your career passion so you can become happy and successful... all at the same time. 

It's about learning how to use your head, heart and soul... all at the same time!

Hi, I'm Tom (TJ) Jones, a professional certified career coach.  I've authored several books and programs and founded Career Planning University.  We're an organization that helps you take those steps to find your ideal career and we teach you how to invigorate the head, heart and soul, all working in concert, to change your life by having an effective career plan. 

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